Monday Night recap: “How to take forever to fix a hose” edition


We experimented with our signature Eye Patch Ale last night. We’re hoping these few tweaks (including both malts and hops) will get this beer to where we want it before we pull the trigger on launching. We’re adding a new hop, Amarillo, and getting rid of the Simcoe. Jeff was busy “working,” so Joel and I handled brewing operations on our own. Joel, in addition to being incredibly handsome, is also incredibly cheap. Instead of buying a new hose when ours sprung a leak, he opted for the hose repair kit. Which added approximately 20 hours to our brew day.

joel-fixing-hoseIt’s reverse thread, you idiot! (not really)

Since Jeff was absent, his wife Hannah made the right decision and entrusted me with the baby monitor. You can see it in the following picture. Yep, monitoring babies and draining yeast. It’s how I do.


I don’t know if anyone noticed but it was hot as a chili cook-off in the Sahara last night [trying a new phrase ? yes or no?]. Thanks to all who came in spite of the heat and lack of beer. We love you, no matter what Joel says about your personal hygiene behind your back.

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