Monday Night recap: “It’s about time” Edition


After one of the longest weeks in existence off, we “Monday-nighted it” for real last night. We had 5 beers on tap, and even though it was an abbreviated evening since we didn’t actually brew, it was a fun evening. I would like to take a moment to share this photo that Jeanine took. Why is it special? Because this is probably the only shot of all three owners socializing on a Monday night. Usually at least one of us is working (and complaining about how Jeff isn’t working), but the duties were lighter last night.


One thing we did do last night was dry hop the latest [experimental] batch of our Eye Patch Ale. We’re curious to see how it turns out, since we tried some first-wort hopping on this batch. First indications are that it is definitely more hoppy than its predecessors, but potentially in a good way. We’ll see how it tastes once it has been dry hopped and carbonated.


Thanks to everyone who came last night, we hope to be actually brewing next week. And a little bird told me that Joel will be out of town, so maybe we’ll actually be productive!

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