Monday Night recap: “Jonathan didn’t do much” edition



In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t really do a whole lot last night. I showed up late, milled around and cleaned a couple things. I “pulled a Jeff,” as we say in the industry. So I apologize in advance if this isn’t the most insightful Monday Night recap.

I do know that we brewed a slightly revised version of our Belgian-style wheat beer, this time with some fresh ginger. Hopefully this will be a great edition to our summer line-up.


I also asked Joel to give me some indication as to how brewing went last night. He responded with this:

I nailed the mash out….and it didn’t take 2 hours like it did when you guys did it last week.

Ah Joel. Always humble, never accusatory. It’s so great to work with someone who is always trying to build you up instead of tear you down. I know I’m not the first to refer to Joel as the “Mother Theresa” of Monday Night Brewery, but the comparison is striking. Especially in the facial features.

3 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “Jonathan didn’t do much” edition

  1. I’m still trying to figure out the whole “not nailing the mash out” from last week. Once I figure out how pouring a gallon or two of hot water into the mash tun and letting it sit for 10 minutes is problematic.

    I say that having had plenty of messy problems too, so no finger pointing or anything.

  2. Hey Kevin, why don’t you form a club with Joel. You guys can laugh at people who are trying to help you out and make the world a better place. We’ll call it the “Don’t live in glass houses” club.

  3. I think a better name would be “People who can properly pour a pre-measured amount of boiling water into a drink cooler.” I’ll bet Travis would join up in a heartbeat.

    I only laugh because I care.

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