Monday Night Recap: “Keeping the Awesomeness in Check” edition



Ah, the crisp air of mid-November. Perfect for brewing a Scotch ale while wearing an ironic trucker hat. Ashton Kutcher would be so proud. We’ve had some issues with mash efficiency on our new Brew-Magic, and last night was no exception. However, we think we might be narrowing in on the issue. And contrary to our initial hypotheses, the culprit is not Joel. Fortunately we still hit our target gravity.


We had Drafty Kilt AND Eye Patch Ale on tap last night. So much MNB beer that frankly we were a little scared of the potential Awesomeness that could have ensued. Fortunately the Awesomeness was kept in check by Jeff, who insisted on playing with his spreadsheets while brewing again. I knew we kept that guy around for a reason.


Thanks to all who came last night! Also a note for the future: We have entered the time of year when fires are necessary. With this in mind, we are recruiting a few good people to start fires for us. The position is “Chief of Fire-related Operations.” Pay is in beer. Requirements are:

  • Capable of lifting wood
  • Capable of burning things accidentally, but also on purpose
  • A general mysterious and smoky vibe

Please send resumes via our contact form.

4 thoughts on “Monday Night Recap: “Keeping the Awesomeness in Check” edition

  1. Can we ask brewing related questions? ;)

    How far off was the mash eff (<70%)? What are the new hypothesis now that Joel has been ruled out?

  2. Rob, efficiency was bad, below 70% for sure. Here are a handful of potential culprits:
    1. We had a loose tube in the mash recirculation which resulted in a bunch of air getting into the mash and creating some significant bubbling.
    2. We still are figuring out the correct speed to recirculate the mash water. I think we may be going to fast and creating channels of different temperatures within the grain bed.
    3. Jonathan.
    4. We may need to let the grain bed settle a bit more before beginning recirculation to allow for some even temperature distribution.
    5. I’m thinking about adding a bit more water to the mash to help with temperature distribution in the mash as well.

  3. Are we certain that Joel’s trucker’s cap was ironic or even that he was wearing said trucker’s cap ironically?

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