Monday Night recap: “Labor Day is more relaxing than it sounds” edition



We had a lighter crowd than normal yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that we missed you guys. All you “Labor Day” folks with your “out-of-town plans” and “better things to do.” Bah.

This was our second week brewing with the new Brew-Magic system and we brewed the same recipe of the Drafty Kilt that we tried last week. The good news is, we’re getting the hang of it. There are still a few kinks to iron out, but we’re getting closer to our projected final gravity and we’re getting better at using a completely new system. Except the part where Jeff forgot to heat up the sparge water. Zoinks.

For the brewing dorks out there, we also tightened our grain mill last night, from a gap of .045 to .035. This gives us a little bit of a finer crush and will hopefully help us get our efficiency where it needs to be.


Don’t worry, Cara Kara (the puppy) isn’t drunk. She’s just resting from all of the grain she lapped up off of the garage floor. Nutrients galore! In other news, we had special guest Geistbear join us last night. And he was in need of a 10 gallon all-grain setup. So we sold him ours. If his check bounces we’re going to sick Cara Kara on him.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “Labor Day is more relaxing than it sounds” edition

  1. Wish I could have been there, I am 100% jealous you have a Brew-Magic. I am enjoying the updates guys, keep up the good work.
    PS My dog LOVES to eat the spent grains, it’s “good for her system” too. (cleans her out)

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