Monday Night Recap: "Life-Cycle of a Drafty Kilt" Edition


Monday was all about the Drafty Kilt. We drank it, bottled it and brewed it. We’ve been fiddling with this recipe for 3 years now, and it’s finally at a place where we are ready to stick it on a shelf and sell it to you.


Joel and I made ourselves useful for once, and bottled some beer. Anytime we bottle, we’re reminded of the fact that we have yet to find the part of starting a brewery that is sexy. Unless you find a beer soaked, grimy garage floor sexy.


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Recap: "Life-Cycle of a Drafty Kilt" Edition

  1. For a second there it looked like both Jeff AND Joel were working at the same time. Surely that’s Baker wearing a wig with the John Deere hat…

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