Monday Night recap: “Multitasking” edition



Despite the fact that it was FATHER’S Day on Sunday, Hannah showed us the true meaning of motherhood on Monday. It is indeed possible to be a great mother and enjoy great beer. At the same time. Provided one does so while holding a Monday Night branded pint glass.

In other news, we brewed some beer. An older version of our Eye Patch Ale, specifically. The primary differences were a return to Marris Otter as the base malt (from Cargill 2-row) and a simpler hopping schedule. We are anxious to see how this new old version stacks up against some recent tweaks.


I include a picture of Jeff and Joel doing our mash out for one reason. It is rare to see Joel working. I think Jeff must have tricked him into thinking there was a My Little Pony at the bottom of that mashtun. “If they could only raise the level of the water, the My Little Pony would float to the surface…” Joel would soon be bitterly disappointed.

In addition to brewing the Eye Patch, we also kegged a ginger-infused Belgian wit (which we think is going to taste great) and drained the yeast off of our peach-infused Belgian dubbel (which is equally exciting). Draining yeast off of a conical fermenter never ceases to gross me out. Especially when people are watching and uttering phrases like “baby diarrhea.” People, all I ask is that you be as mature about all of this as I obviously am.


We tested our new and improved chilling system for the first time last night, but ran into a few little hiccups, so it didn’t actually take less time. But on the plus side, it WAS more expensive and impressive-looking! Hopefully we’ll have the kinks worked out next week and we can share some more details. Thanks to everyone who came, especially the first-timers!

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