Monday Night recap: “No one drank the Bud Light Lime” edition



Another successful Monday night, albeit without Monday night beer. We brewed up our Eye Patch Ale with slightly fewer bittering hops and hit our target gravity on the nose. The only potential issue is that we were supposed to repitch our yeast from last week but I accidentally drained it into a non-sanitized non-sanctioned container. Oops. Instead we pitched from some fresh smack packs.


We had a good crowd last night, despite the BYOB stipulation. Which leads me to believe that Monday truly is the new Friday. Joel spent some time making a cool canopy for our hops instead of doing real work. No surprise there. Melvin picked up our beer slack and brought some of his homebrew to share. We were also blessed with a visit from Glenn of JailHouse Brewing, another soon-to-be Georgia microbrewery. More on that later in the week.

And finally, we are proud to announce that no one drank the Bud Light Lime. It was given to Jeff as a joke (at least that’s what he’s claiming) and it was sitting in plain view the entire night. We’re so proud of you guys.

4 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “No one drank the Bud Light Lime” edition

  1. Found your site a few weeks back. Thrilled that Hotlanta’s getting another craft brewery. I ofter refer to your town as the craft beer desert. Of course, I’m lucky enough to live in Beer City, USA–Asheville, N.C. But how many more parties do I have to go to in Atlanta where the most exotic beer option is Heineken? Please change that for me, kay?

  2. Ha! Someone brought a case of BudLime to a bbq this past weekend and to be nice to the gift bearer, I had cracked one open. Alka-Seltzer is all I can say. Soon after I grabbed a homebrew (75% of Portland,OR residents brew their own) for him to wash that horrible taste down.

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