Monday Night recap: “Nothing to do” edition



Usually we’re pretty busy on Monday nights, what with the brewing, kegging, and carrying on. We were supposed to be busy this Monday as well, bottling. But someone (I’m not going to say who, but his name rhymes with Neff Neck) carbonated the wrong keg in preparation.

Since all we had to do was keg our Blind Pirate, a deliciously impaired double IPA, there was only about half an hour worth of work to do. Which Jeff and Joel conveniently left to me. Thanks guys.


We had a good crowd. It’s good to know people didn’t forget about Monday Night even though we took two consecutive weeks off. I was a little afraid the weekends were going to make another comeback. Let’s keep those weekends where they belong, folks.


In AMAZING news, who has two thumbs and is excited about sunlight past 7pm?! THIS GUY. Brewing in the summer in the South is so much better than brewing in Craptown, USA.

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