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Monday Night recap: “OMG A PUPPY DOG!!1!11!” edition


In what will surely be the greatest Monday Night recap ever, I will attempt to recount Monday’s brewing events though I was home sick the entire time. For this reason, all those in attendance are invited to post their own thoughts on what transpired Monday. But first, Cody the dog.


Are you kidding?! Dogs can’t drink beer. But they should be allowed to if they look as cute as Cody. Garey, my pledge to you: Bring Cody back when I’m in attendance and I will let him lick the spent grains off of my face.

In beer news, we brewed up a batch of our peach-infused Belgian-style dubbel last night. Our initial gravity was a little higher than anticipated due to what can only be called “human error.” Turbinado sugar does in fact need to be counted in the grain bill, Jeff. Still, we’re not worried because this beer is a work in progress and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.


We had a couple cool beer-related visitors last night as well. Chris from the soon-to-be-launching Beer Connoisseur Magazine came out, as well as Mary Jane who is publishing a book on the Brick Store Pub.

All in all, a great night. Right? I wasn’t really there, so it’s hard for me to say…

5 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “OMG A PUPPY DOG!!1!11!” edition

  1. In the future, could you please take/post pics of the actual beer brewing process for homebrew nerds like me. Thanks in advance.

    PS. My dog loves beer.

  2. Sorry Bill. I was debating between a picture of the boil kettle and fermenter or the dog. But I had to go with the dog on this one. I’ll make it up to you next week.

  3. Thanks to the MNB crew for letting me bring my dad, Garey, so he could taste your delicious brews. I did not have any beer this Monday because I was the designated driver, but I will definitely try some next time! But not before I lick those spent grains off Jon’s face… Yum!!!

    -Cody the dog

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