Monday Night recap: “Puppy fight” edition



Last night we shattered the record for the number of puppies attending Monday Night Brewing. Yes, that’s right. We had not one, but TWO puppies in attendance. After a brief sniffing and licking debacle (I’ll spare you the details), the puppies became BFF’s. There are even rumors that they Facebooked each other this morning. While this was arguably the biggest news of the evening, we also had some other stuff going on. We brewed another batch of our Belgian wit. Despite the absence of Brewmaster Jeff, Joel and I managed to hit an original gravity of 1.052 on our projected 1.053. As we all know, you are supposed to round up your gravity readings, so we actually hit our target on the nose. Plus, the fresh grated ginger threw us off by .001, as it will often do.


I made an important discovery last night. It is entirely too easy to sound like you know what you’re talking about with hops if you throw out words like “alpha acid,” “lupulin,” and “rhizome.” Seriously. It should be illegal for me to use those words without passing some sort of test.


Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, Joel kept on trucking with our chilling setup. We got the wort down from boiling to 78 degrees in around 13 minutes. In 90 degree weather. Lesser brewers take note, Joel is a master of ice and copper. That’s why we call him the Ice Queen. Thanks to everyone who came last night, and a special thanks to the puppy owners out there. Monday Night salutes you!

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  1. Kara’s too cool for Facebook. She prefers her squeaky toys, thank you very much.

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