Monday Night recap: “T-shirt heaven” edition


We brewed another experimental IPA last night, this one with just a hint of rye malt. Our last experimental IPA had just a hint of kilned coffee malt and turned out pretty delicious. It’s a roasty toasty IPA. Look for that on tap in 2-3 weeks. We are still dry hopping it. Also we are apparently on a “just a hint” kick. I blame Jeff.


Despite the oppressive heat, we had a great time last night. This marked the first Monday that we were selling our new t-shirts. So that was nice. They’re going quick ? we are already out of one size/color combo. Make sure you come soon if you want one! The ginger wheat beer was a huge hit (pictured above in appropriate glassware).


Last, I want to give a shout-out to Joel. He had a baby last week and was still able to come to brewing and not contribute in the same way that he usually doesn’t contribute. It was touching. And not at all helpful. Per usual.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “T-shirt heaven” edition

  1. So, since you guys won’t sale your shirts on the web, will someone buy me one and send it to me. I’ll pay you back.

  2. Correction, MS had a baby. Joel contributed to the making of said baby, but he didn’t have to do too much work from there. :)

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