Monday Night recap: “Tasting party” edition



Weekends truly are overrated. Monday we had a special treat ? Eye Patch Ale and Drafty Kilt pouring at the same time. Usually we have one of these beers on tap at any given time, but we’ve also been prone to experimentation lately. It’s nice to have our two babies back together ? and only a few steps away from launch.


Good times, folks. Good times. Since we didn’t brew, we got to talk to folks a lot more than usual. It gave Joel and I a glimpse into what it’s like to be Jeff, the “non-working” partner in Monday Night. He’s usually the guy avoiding keg washing to talk theology with some random grad student. And you know what? It was nice not cleaning kegs. I think I might do some more slacking from here on out.


Oh yeah, I guess Joel did keg some beer for us. Forgot about that. He always looks constipated when he is kegging beer. This is literally the best picture I could find.

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