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Monday Night recap: “The calm before the storm” edition



“Brew like the wind, Jeffrey! Brew like the wind!” This is what we were yelling at Jeff last night as we tried to sneak in a full brewing session before the storms arrived around 11pm last night. And all in all, we were successful. A huge shout-out to Kraig and Hop City for coming through in the clutch on some last-second beer ingredients we needed.

After 5 hours of brewing and nary a drop of rain, we hope that we brewed a successful ginger wit. Unfortunately we probably won’t know until we taste it, because our last remaining hydrometer got hit with a huge gust of wind and broke on the driveway. Thanks, Mr. Stormypants. In related news, Jeff’s Barefoot Driveway Soccer League has been called off for this week due to potentially dangerous conditions on the field.

No matter the original gravity of our beer, we had a great time, and it was good to get back into the swing of brewing. Thanks to all the first timers who came!

4 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “The calm before the storm” edition

  1. Don’t forget about the secret ingredient, pollen! You won’t be about to duplicate this beer except every spring. ;-)

  2. From a wife hanging out at home – sure appreciate the perseverance and dedication you guys are sharing! Looking forward to tasting the lessons hubby is learning from his visits. :)

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