Monday Night recap: The puppies take over


Puppy Night was a rousing success. Leashes were tangled. Puppies were wrestled. Hop gardens were peed in (don’t worry, we already harvested).


The air was heavy with puppy breath. Our bellies were full of beer. So how many dogs actually showed up with their owners? More than the dogs you can find in the photo below.


Despite the puppy storm, we were able to brew some beer. We brewed a slightly revised version of our stout, with a different base malt and no malt extract (which we usually had to add because of the amount of grain that would fit in our mash tun). Unfortunately one of our burners crapped out right before we achieved boil, so we had to improvise. Joel spent literally the whole evening being unproductive and trying to fix it. But he did fix it.


We also dry-hopped our fresh hop IPA with ? you guessed it ? our own fresh hops. I have photographic proof.


Wow. That is creepy. Rest assured, the final product will be less creepy than this picture. Thanks to everyone who came last night, including the puppies!

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