Monday Night recap: “The swing of things” edition



Last night we got back into the swing of things by brewing up some Eye Patch Ale. Hello 2011! Fortunately, we were sans Joel. This enabled us to nimbly navigate the perils of weekday brewing, coming within .001 of our target gravity. Badonkadonk.

One thing Jeff and I had forgotten about January is how cold it is. This was a benefit when it came to chilling our beer, but was not ideal for any other part of the night. My hands are still semi-frozen and typing hurts. And yes, I realize how whiny that sounds. So I’m going to stop talking about it.

We had a bunch of new folks last night, which is always fun. Although I have a feeling that had they realized they would be standing outside the entire night, huddled around a pot of boiling wort, they might have reconsidered making the trek. Next week we’ll try to have a fire going. Thanks again, for helping to make 2011 awesome!

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