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Monday Night recap: “The wit with no name” edition


We brewed our Belgian-style wit last night, complete with fresh-grated ginger. Things went well. That’s all you need to know. But here’s something else you need to know.

We need a name for this wit of ours. It will almost certainly be our 3rd beer, and it still has no name. So here are the parameters:

  • Must be centered on an interesting “character” (our beers are always a take on the gentleman in the suit on our logo, see here and here for examples)
  • Must be short
  • Must not be the name of another beer or energy drink already (we can’t afford any legal fees)
  • Witty is good (see what I did there), but not required if the character is interesting enough
  • Ginger is an ingredient in the beer but we don’t want to highlight it in the name

So. Any ideas? Leave them as comments. Feel free to add new ones or build on existing. OK GO.

51 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “The wit with no name” edition

  1. Greedy, I’m afraid that “Um, Incentive? There Needs to Be a Prize or Something Wit” is too long. But seriously, if your name is indeed chosen, you will be given some of the first production beer of the wit in question.

  2. *Belgian Dip – give the man a nice mustache as in:
    Frau: Dr. Evil, you, uh– [points to the nose]
    Dr. Evil: What? What?
    Frau: You’ve got a little milk… nose… mustache.
    Dr. Evil: [looks at himself in his mirror] I know. I know. I meant to. That’s how we drink it in Belgium. It’s called a Belgian Dip.

  3. Hmm – A Dry Wit…A Sharp Wit..At Wit’s End…Witty White….A Quick Wit….Repartee…some things that came to mind. Perhaps someone can use these ramblings as a starting point.

  4. How about something like the Windsor Wit – or other variation on a necktie knot theme?

  5. How about Aloha Wit? Or Thirsty Tourist Wit. The guy can be wearing a Hawaiian shirt-inspired suit. With the amount of ginger flavor in the beer it is hard not to think of places that grow lots of ginger.

    Or you could just call it the Sloshed Samurai and put a katana in his hand.

  6. Another Idea- playing off some other comments: just call it “wit” and have the man be in the “thinker pose” maybe with a lightbulb over his head.

    Or, maybe Stinging Wit with a bee theme to the man or he could be holding a whip, or Biting Wit and he can have chompers like 007 villain Jaws.

  7. Give the character flaming red hair [plus a sweet red beard?] and call it Weasley Wit.

    That’s right, a Harry Potter-referential beer. All the kids with fake ID’s are going to go crazy for this one. Plus I will.

  8. Rapier’s Wit – holds sword, or some sort of Shakespearean garb.

    First thing I though of was Dumb and Dumber, where Lloyd butchers this and says, “a rapist’s wit” but I don’t think that name would sell to well

  9. Maybe a play on black and white/wit, such as Black Eye Wit with a white bruise area under where his eye would be?

  10. Ginger got me thinking…spice, zest, snap…

    Snappy Dresser Wit. (Perchance with an awesome cool fedora in profile)

  11. You could name it after the Austrian philosopher Wittgenstein. He wasn’t Belgian, but his profile on Wikipedia seems to fit the theme.


    Plus, you get this great quote: “If people did not sometimes do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”

    So maybe the name should be one of the following:

    * Brevity is the Soul of Wit (which is a quote by Polonius in Hamlet. They were Danes, not Belgians)
    * Rapier Wit
    * NItwit (Have your Monday Night guy wearing a beanie or a dunce cap)
    * Twit (same garb as Nitwit), or maybe T’wit – a shortening of The Wit
    * Lickspittle Wit – I like the idea of the Monday Night guy spending his day as a “yes man” and his Monday nights escaping the grind. Lickspittle WIt would be his salvation; a Belgian Wit with a zing, allowing him to forget his toady ways.

    I’m done. I think I’ve sufficiently run this comment thread off the rails.

  12. How about something based on Mark Twain or just something close to his likeness for the silhouette in the suit (wild hair and big ‘stache) perhaps with him writing on a pad and smoking a pipe.

    Then you could call it Ingenious Wit, or Huck’s Wit, or like the earlier post, Sam’s Quick Wit.

  13. I kind of dig the Nit Wit idea with the dunce cap. I think it could work well with your logo/brand.

    The only thing I came up with is “Wittle Me This” but am having a hard time thinking of what you could do with the dude in the suit. Maybe cover his jacket in question marks like that free government money guy:


  14. One more thought on my Wittgenstein reference: you could use this quote ironically

    “I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.”

  15. OK GO? So you’ll be calling it ‘Here It Goes Again’ (or whatever that new one, with the marbles and such, is called). Ballsy.

  16. I think you already said it yourself, “Monday Night Witty” and put a mic in the hand like a Stand up comedian. Just sayin

    But hey when are you guys starting to distribute? And how far north in GA will you distribute? I am in Dawsonville and look forward to trying you brews.

  17. Thanks for the ideas guys, keep them coming! A lot of the obvious ones (Nit Wit, Rapier Wit, etc.) are already beer names, unfortunately.

    Jason, we’re hoping to distribute later in 2010. We haven’t set an actual date yet (and won’t, until we know we can meet it). We’ll focus on Atlanta and immediate surrounding areas for the first year, then hope to expand into other areas of Georgia. But if you’re ever in Atlanta on a Monday Night, look us up!

  18. To give Ginger her due from Gilligan’s Isle, I suggest “Red-headed Wit” – one might only imagine how you might modify the character…but that’s only if you plan on highlighting the ginger aspect of the beer.

    To go in stride with your theme that weekends are overrated, perhaps relating it to punch-out time? (i.e. “The 5:01pm Wit”)

  19. white-out wit or
    winter wit………just put a winter hat on his head

    or white-wash wit. have his little black face covered in snow.

    although you guys are in atlanta, so im not sure if you know all this winter stuff is about.

  20. Moonman? With a space helmet on his noggin.

    Southern Dandy? With a profile of Rhett Butler.

    Hairband wit? With big, Twisted Sister type hair on his head.

    Reparte wit? I know that it’s a play on the word, but put a fencing sword in his hand and you’ll have a striking profile.

    Neptune? With a trident in his hand.

    And even though I know it won’t fly, Wit Man’s Burden with the profile of a 19th century explorer.

  21. Is it to be left unfined/ unfiltered? You could play a bit with that.

    Hazy Monday (or Hazy Tuesday Morning Ale)
    Cloudy Monday
    Fuzzy Monday

    For the logo I’d keep it simple and just put a piece (straw?) of wheat in his clenched fist.

  22. Would you be open to a subtle knod to ginger? The suited character could be a play on a famous ginger. Like,

    “Wit Norris, the original badass” you could put a few “Chuck Facts” and then say something like “Chuck works hard every day to be like his older brother Wit, still hasn’t made it”


    “Witman O’Brien” as in Conan O”Brien and give the suited guy a Conan-like red hairdo

  23. Hmm…what about “Walt Whitman’s Loose Delights” You could have the guy wearing the hat you always see Whitman in in pictures. “Loose Delights came from this quote I found from him… “I am for those who believe in loose delights…I dance with the dancers and drink with the drinkers.” However I like this quote better for the box, “I have learned that to be with those I like is enough.”
    Walt Whitman I think it’s perfect to represent the fellowship around beer.

  24. 1. Konnichi-Wit (with Japanese rice farmer hat) also a subtle play on the ginger.
    2. Trucker’s Wit (w/ trucker hat)
    3. Shephard’s Wit (w/ hat and staff)
    4. Viking’s Wit (w/ horn hemlet)
    5. A number of things you could do with a cowboy and revolver hat…
    Saddle Bag Wit
    Six shooter Wit
    Brokeback Wit, wait no.

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