Monday Night recap: “To boil or not to boil” edition


Greetings, fair ones. Last night we brewed up what could possibly be the final recipe for our Eye Patch Ale. We’ve been tweaking this recipe for over 3 years. It’s very close to where we want it, but we added just a skosh of wheat to give that little bit of mouthfeel we want to take it to the next level. For those keeping track, yes we DID use “skosh” and “mouthfeel” in the same sentence. The Pretentious Police will be knocking down our doors soon.


Overall things went very smoothly last night. Not surprising, considering Joel wasn’t in attendance. He gave us some excuse about “bathing his pet fish.” We did have an unusual amount of boilovers, so we kept ice handy. We also had some mysterious burner problems. Half of them were caused by Jeff not realizing that we were out of propane. But still… weird stuff. Here’s Jeff attempting to fix the empty propane tank by adjusting the regulator. Totally LOL.


In other news, Jeanine brought some delicious foreign cookies which tasted pretty American to me. I’m on board with this recent trend of people bringing dessert to brewing. Let’s keep it up, folks! Jonathan needs to keep his blood sugar elevated!

2 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “To boil or not to boil” edition

  1. Boilovers without propane. Is that like toilet water going in the other direction in the southern hemisphere?

    Also, you guys are going pro. Fermcap. Professional style boilover prevention that will not jack up the finished product. Check it out, yo.

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