Monday Night recap: “When it rains, we pour” edition



First, I must attribute our post title to Monday Night first timer Jeff. We have been accused of many things (extreme handsomeness, delightfully balanced beers), but copyright infringement is not one of them.

We had some early showers last night, but that didn’t deter us from brewing a batch of Drafty Kilt. Funny story about last week. Apparently Jeff added the wrong yeast to our wit, rendering it less of a “Belgian” wheat beer and more of an “American” wheat beer. While this is a travesty in and of itself, it also meant that we needed to repitch last week’s yeast in this week’s beer. So I will merely ask the question: Is Jeff the new Joel?

Fortunately I think our mistake of a wheat beer will actually taste pretty nice. You can judge for yourself.


Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Stay tuned. We should be brewing an IPA soon. And we want you to be a part of it.

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