Monday Night recap: “Workhorse” edition



This special edition of “Monday Night recap” is dedicated to Scott Williams, showing his best side in the above picture. Scott does the work of three Joels combined (which isn’t saying a ton), freeing up the rest of us to do things like drink beer and talk to newcomers. Thanks for hopping, cleaning, popping, and locking.

We brewed a roasty toasty IPA last night ? a little bit of an experiment, and a tweak on a toasty IPA that will be served in coming weeks. There was some Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale on tap, though it went super fast. Which we take as a good sign. We also sold some t-shirts. They’re selling out, folks, so bring a crisp $10 bill next time you come. We also accept other denominations of bills, checks, and trades for web developing services.


OH OBLIGATORY ARTSY SHOT BOO YA. Consider yourself cultured. You’re welcome.

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