4 thoughts on “Monday Update: The Election, Our Lactic Stout, and Jeff’s Recipes

  1. Hey guys, it looks like atlantawestside.org has suffered some sort of security breach. It’s being blocked for me by Google.

  2. Don’t sweat the “not quite as hot” recipes too too much. I thought my Brown Ale was going to redefine the style. The brew, in real life, culminated in 7 overcarbonated bottles raining beer and tiny shards of glass all over my pantry. Fortunately, I have the best wife north of the Mason Dixon (I don’t think I want to start any wife wars), so she took it in stride.

    On the bright side, my Belgian’s have all been fantastic, my Alt that I brewed two weeks ago should also be great, and my wife was presented with a newly cleaned out pantry.

  3. Any time is a good time for Dogfish Head. I plan on starting, and ending my day at “The Great Pour” with it.
    I will be sure to send you a pic of my glass, so we can compare.

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