More Drafty, Less Kilt


Despite Jonathan’s continued confinement to his deathbed and my whining about having to work late, last night was a solid one. Our new Belgian dubbel and Drafty Kilt were pouring well, we transfered our new Belgian Wheat and latest batch of IPA, enjoyed meeting some newcomers and even managed to brew a batch of dialed down Drafty Kilt. We recently decided to see if we could brew our scotch ale in a way that would be a bit more accessible to the masses while retaining the character that’s made it popular among the beer snobs we love so dearly. So last night’s batch took the original gravity from 1.085 down to about 1.056, which should give us an ABV of around 6% versus 9% in our last batch. Give us a few weeks, and we’ll let you know how it tastes.

2 thoughts on “More Drafty, Less Kilt

  1. Instead of paring it down, you guys could do a sort of regular and imperial versions of it. Maybe a sort of designation like “light breeze” for the smaller one, and “gale force” for the bigger.

  2. Kevin, that’s a great suggestion. I can envision our first “special project” being a limited release of the Gale Force Drafty Kilt… Mmmmm…

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