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More focused direction for MNB brand


I’ll be honest. This is a tough post for me to write. We’ve poured a lot of time and energy into the Monday Night Brewery brand over the past few years. And as “Marketing Guy and Outside-the-box Guru,” it’s been my baby. Or girlfriend, probably more accurately. But as we’ve come closer to a launch date, we’ve tried to be more objective about Monday Night Brewery and what we stand for. And as outlined in a previous post, we’ve narrowed it down to weeknights. We stand for celebrating the weeknight through good beer and good relationships, summed up in our rallying cry, “Weekends are overrated.”

This focus on the weeknight is something we need to communicate as clearly as we can to consumers. For most people (clearly not you, as you are reading our blog), all we’ll have is 3 seconds as they survey the package store shelves or the beer list at a bar. We aren’t going to have the marketing budget of Miller or AB to shove our brand down your throats. We need to stand definitively for one thing or else we’ll get lost in the shuffle. Turns out there is a lot of beer available.

And with that in mind, we have revisited the external elements of our brand, including logo, name, beer names and labels. The two constants will be our name, Monday Night Brewery, and our focus on weeknight consumption. We decided that our current logo doesn’t articulate this as clearly as it should. Particularly the font is hard to read at a glance and the monk doesn’t have any real connection to the weeknight.

I think we’ve found a logo direction that will allow us to hone our focus on weeknights while maintaining some of the other things we love about our brand, such as the beer names. That’s all I’ll say right now. Change is coming, not in who we are, but in how we communicate who are are to those that don’t know us. This will be a process, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on any and all of it. And in true MNB fashion, we will keep you updated.

8 thoughts on “More focused direction for MNB brand

  1. Man does this make me even more proud that my wife bought me a set of MNB pint glasses for Christmas. Just think if the value these will have years from now as collectors items with the old logo. Seriously, I am anxious to see what you come up with because the old logo is awesome. I bet the new one will be equally righteous.

    I am so impressed with your design skills (you did say you do this for an income right?) that I would like to get a quote from you for finalizing/formalizing/tweaking our REtechSouth logo. Send me an email and we can discuss more.

    Best of luck with the new branding strategy and LONG LIVE WEEKNIGHTS!

  2. Can the monk make guest appearances in future labels etc.? Kind of a “Where’s Waldo” thing for old those that know and love him?

  3. 1. Let me say that I’m very jealous of Brad and his collector’s pint glasses. My mom threw out all my Pizza Hut/Care Bears glasses in the mid-90’s, so I can see the potential value of “old” MNB swag.

    2. Y’all are sitting on jet fuel genius because of the name “monday night brewery” and owning some part of the juju that is the NFL’s monday night branding is some insane rocket sauce.

    3. I like the phrase “beer thirty” but I’m cheesy like that. Seems to me that a local craft brewer that let “genteel” New South-erners know it’s OK to drink good beer on a week night and they won’t be misconstrued as swill-drinking Nascar acolytes would be a winner.

    4. I do not have a fourth point.

    5. Looking forward to drinking with you again. If you need additional poor marketing advice, just cringe when you consider my career path and think of someone else to ask.

  4. The name is fantastic guys. Its catchy and fun. Its also different than almost every other brewery name.

    Most names are formulaic, such as a close by landmark or someone’s last name.

    I agree that the logo could be changed, to better represent what your vision is all about.

    Good Luck. I look forward to the new logo.

  5. Keep Monday Night Brewery as the name.

    The monk is cool, but I agree on the lack of connection.

    Maybe a moon in the logo since Monday is “moon” day.

    Love the blog,
    Taylor Marshall

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