More mustaches, more brewing


Though no one has yet jumped up to the plate and grown a mustache to heal an ulcer (All we need is 8 or so mustaches, people, let’s DO THIS), the Mustaches for Ulcers movement has been gaining traction. Here are the ground rules:

  1. We only need 7 more volunteers
  2. Existing mustaches will be accepted, with photographic evidence
  3. Beards need not apply
  4. All volunteers will receive placement on the MNB blog

In other news, we will be brewing tonight. Another batch of our new Belgian wit (what used to be the Weissguy). Depending on how I’m feeling, I may even try to pop in. If I do show up, I ask that no one hugs my stomach or duodenum, as this is where the ulcers are concentrated. However, it is perfectly acceptable to hug my mustache (ladies, take note). Hopefully we’ll see you tonight!

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