6 thoughts on “More proof that America is taking a turn for the better

  1. More good beer. Do you want me to link to every article about how micro brews are making a comeback? I’ve put in one such previous link for you…could have added more but I’m too lazy. Are you grumpy today Jonathan?

  2. One thing that I think people lose track of is the fact that more microbreweries IS a good thing. Too many times in niche industries like this people think they are fighting for a finite pie, but the reality is that the more people that are doing what you guys are doing, the bigger the pie. The fact that Michelob has been using the term “craft” in their commercials and Bud is talking about how hard it is to brew an American Lager (BTW – It’ s also really hard to shove your own fist in your mouth, but that doesn’t mean you should do it) should be a pretty good indicator to the growth potential in the craft brewing industry.

    To Jonathan’s point – the Craft Brew section of brewing is the only brewing with growth (12-15% in the last 3 years if I remember right) so I would say that was the first proof.

    Oh yea – TITANS SUCK!

  3. The American beer industry is taking a turn for the better. As Atlantans, though, I would wonder if events like that which occurred to Kathryn Johnston a few years back might suggest that certain things in America have been sliding towards “worse” for quite some time.

  4. Aw man, I thought from the post title that this was going to be about Bud Light w/ lime!

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