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My roommate has never had a beer


It’s true. Don’t ask me how it happened. Though, to his credit, I didn’t have my first full beer till I turned 21 (I gorged myself on a tepid Rolling Rock).

In 2 weeks AJ (the roommate) will be turning 21. He’s been coming to brew beer with us on Monday Night and has yet to taste the fruits of his labor. So here’s the goal: We want to acclimate AJ to good beer as quickly as possible. None of this star ing off on Bud Light and Heineken stuff.

And for this reason, we need your help. What should we start him on? He’s agreed to play along with us, so your beer expertise shall not go unused. If you’ve had any of our beers, feel free to include those in the list as well. Because, needless to say, they are delightful.

9 thoughts on “My roommate has never had a beer

  1. Tell me more of this “beer.”

    I hear Natural Light is delightful. Also this “Coors” with the wide mouth can and that shows you when it’s cold. That MUST make the beer better. (note sarcasm).

    Oh teach me the ways of hops and barley.

  2. It’s really hard to say what kind of beer will pique his interest – it seems to have varied among my friends. Wheats, fruit-beers, Fat Tire, coffee stout, and amber were all starting places for my friends. No one ever says – “Yeah, once I had that double IPA, I never looked back.”

    I suppose if your friend likes bitter – grapefruit and such, he may like an IPA – but I’d probably start with something else.

  3. Simple amber, brown, or red ales are a good starting point. They’re a little heavier on the malt than hops, so there will be a bit more sweetness which might help. I might avoid Fat Tire due to the heavy biscuit nature, but that shouldn’t be too hard as you can’t get it in Georgia anyway.

    Then there’s always Guinness, dry and creamy, also low hopped.

    I’d HIGHLY consider trying a belgian. It’s so different than many other beers that if he doesn’t like a stout or red ale, he might absolutely love a belgian triple, or even a quad… And you can blow his mind when he realizes that it’s just barley, sugar, yeast, and hops creating the beer, and those complex fruity estery flavors aren’t due to fruit :-)

    I wouldn’t go any heavier on the hops than Sweetwater 420 or Sierra Nevada… Unless he likes spicy/bitter.

  4. The problem with a Belgian would be the alcohol content… this guy hasn’t drunk anything before. I don’t want to knock him out before the party starts. A Belgian would be a proverbial roofie.

  5. Ahh… Samuel Smith’s lager is good… I actually had a BMC drinker who said she absolutely loved it.

    Their Pale Ale would also be good, as it’s more of an English Pale Ale than an APA, so it’s smoother on the hops.

  6. off the top of my head i vote for:
    victory hopdevil
    dogfish midas touch
    rogue dead guy and hazelnut
    ommegang witte
    and of course we should start him off with a liter of PBR so he knows how beer spoiled is about to be. nothing but love for ya goche

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