Name our Belgian wit


Okay everybody. You obviously enjoy naming beers. Good thing, because we’re in another pickle… Our Weissguy Hefeweizen started out as a pretty traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer, complete with the ubiquitous orange peel and coriander. But after drinking more of the the wheat beers and determining where this beer fits into our lineup, we decided to migrate it to a Belgian wit. We were way more successful than I thought we would be, and this is now one of my favorites of the beers we brew.

Herein lies the trouble. We can’t use the 1930s gangster name because “weiss” is too German. We need something more “witty” (a wit pun ? ZING!). And before we start thinking of a name, we need a good character to base it around. Here’s a list of the characters we’re using for other beers:

  • Pirate
  • Ninja
  • Bagpiper
  • Monk
  • Base Jumper

We need something that either connotes the medieval origins of the beer (maybe a knight?) or the beer’s name (clown = wit, or maybe that’s a stretch). So before we name it, we need a character to guide our thinking. I should also add that we’re experimenting with adding ginger to this beer, though that hasn’t been finalized yet.


15 thoughts on “Name our Belgian wit

  1. Sounds like it was closer to a witbier from the beginning, as “traditional Bavarian-style wheat beers” do *not* use orange peel or coriander; Belgian witbiers do. Bavarian hefes use no spices at all.

  2. Point taken, Danner. I was referring to 2 separate facts:

    1) We used to use Bavarian yeast
    2) Seems like every wheat beer around here brews with orange peel and coriander and still thinks it’s unique

  3. I’ve heard it said that Brevity is the Soul of Wit but for the life of me I’m too loquacious to reign myself in enough to test that hypothesis.

    Maybe something in the Weatherman vein (a weather vane pun!), like “Cloudy Beer For A Sunny Day” which describes the beer and the drinking occasion?

    Or that whole Brevity/Wit thing, which is attributed to Hamlet (who was a Dane and not Belgian or Netherlander, but who in the States knows that?) so maybe a Shakespearian or Hamlet reference?

    Great Dane?

    I’m just rambling now.

    So much for brevity. Or wit.

  4. Call it the T-Wit or Twit. You may have trouble signing your spokesmodel Travis, but it could work.

  5. I think the “Nitwit” would be kind of nice. Stick with the jester image, just a little more concise.

  6. retracting that last statement — already been done. What can I say, I am a rookie.

  7. Are any of y’all going to the Atlanta German Bierfest in downtown tomorrow?

    I am volunteering with some of my German friends and pouring beer in the lowenbrau tent from 5-8pm. Come by and visit!

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