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Naming our Belgian Wit: Part II


We’re making some progress. The top 2 character choices right now are:

  • Weatherman (wits are cloudy)
  • Jester (wit… you know)

And the top names are:

  • Weatherman Wit
  • Scathing Wit
  • Wit’s End

Unfortunately my contribution: “Walt’s Wit, Man” failed to make the shortlist. I suspect knavery. Any favorites among these? Or fresh ideas? The issue we’ve run into with this beer is that a lot of the good names (NitWit, Half-Wit) are already taken by obscure brewpubs. Albeit less obscure than us, in that they have “revenues” and “beer available for purchase.”

16 thoughts on “Naming our Belgian Wit: Part II

  1. here are some more characters/names

    Very Pregnant Lady: “Wit Child”

    Drunk Monk: “A Wit Too Many”

    Large-hatted Cowboy: “All Wit, No Cattle”

    Eeyore: “Wit Blanket”

    And I couldn’t resist this extremely offensive suggestion….For dumb and dumber fans: “Rapist’s Wit”
    Harry: “Tell her I’m rich, Good-Looking, and have a Rapist’s Wit!!”

  2. I like “Wit’s End” and “Wit Child”.

    And here’s one to go with the Weatherman character (although I think it is weaker then than two above): Partly Cloudy or Partly Sunny

  3. maybe you could have a smart looking Weatherman and call it “Mostly Witty”??

    Other PG13s…Witty Twister(Bully), Show Us Your Wits (Game Show Host)

  4. WIT or WIT’OUT

    if you’re holding it you’re with it..if not, well than you’re with out it!! i’m WIT are you?

  5. You know which one I like. The “End-all-be-all” of Wits, if you will. Weatherman’s Wit does have a nice ring to it, though.

  6. How about “Wits Way”? It’s like “which way” with a lisp. It would symbolize the evolution of the brew. You could use your stumblin’ monk logo with a multi-arrowed sign (a la M*A*S*H) in the background.

    There’s also “Witness”. (noun: testimony by word or deed to your religious faith). Who wouldn’t want enter a pub and yell, “Can I get a Witness!” With the whole bar responding, “Hallelujah!”

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