New branded tasting glasses have arrived


Some of you may have noticed (and laughed at) the complete mish-mash of pint glasses we drink from on Mondays. About half have our old monk logo, and the other half are from random respectable breweries. Well no longer.

Joel ordered some pretty sweet tasting glasses and they arrived today. There’s a front and a back, so scroll down to see both.



I know what you’re thinking. “You guys got high-quality American glass, right? Not some cheap Chinese brand? Because I can taste the difference.” Rest assured, we purchased only the finest Libbey glassware. We know how sensitive your pallet is. That’s why we fill these fine Libbey glasses with even finer Monday Night beer.

7 thoughts on “New branded tasting glasses have arrived

  1. It’s great stalking you guys. I’d really be interested in your chilling process (13 min. sounds like a dream) and keep that Joel away from the beer. j/k

    Wishing I was there for a good ‘ole Monday night!

    oh, and jealous of the new Sabco!

  2. Old glass? I’ve been reading this blog for two years, making snarky comments, and I’ve never even seen one. Who’s backside do I have to smooch to get my hands on one of these? Must I ship homebrews to Georgia?

  3. Jeremiah: Please send Joel some gentle stalker hatemail to get him to post on our chilling setup

    Travis: That’s the same as asking if you should ruin 50% of your net worth

    Kevin: You have to smooch my backside. Commence.

  4. How many OZ are these puppies? Am I going to have to start bringing my 1L german beer mug?

    Just kidding, they look great. 1-2 of these will prob be just right for a Monday Night.

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