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New friends and new tap handles…


Every Monday tends to hold some sort of new surprise. Be it a new recipe, a new twist on an old recipe, a new toy (read: kegerator, heat exchanger, autosiphon) or just some new friends to stop by. New toys and new friends are generally speaking my favorites. From this past Monday….

New Toy:


The first official MNB tap handle. Okay, I didn’t show you the bottom of it in the pic because the little screw doesn’t quite fit but I’m nonetheless proud of my work with the jigsaw and router to make it look like a semi-legitimate tap…and it’s just a first pass beta edition. Jonathan and I plan to hold carpentry day sometime in the near future and crank out one of these for each beer.

New Friends:


I think we must have had nearly 15 new friends at MNB this past week in addition to many of the regulars. While it took its toll on the supply chain (to the tune of about 9 gallons of beer) it was a stellar evening. Included among the newcomers were the homebrewers from Whittier Mill, the Bhutanese girl who works with Jonathan, and some guys who found our site because they were in London and were avid reader’s of Stonch’s blog. We are so international like that.

I think I’ll start doing a semi-regular new friends/new toys post. Maybe even feature a particular new friend and how they did (or didn’t) help with the brewing process.

2 thoughts on “New friends and new tap handles…

  1. Nice job on the tap handle. I would love to see a post on “how to make a tap handle” as a hack with the tools myself.

    Just suggesting.


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