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New levels of dorkiness


We’re building our fermentation chambers for our new pilot brewery, in which we hope to be able to control fermentation temperatures to within a degree or 2. The “hope” part of this is pretty crucial. We’ve had our eye on this temperature monitor to actually verify whether or not our control is unrelenting and supreme.

When my roommate Steven volunteered to buy us a new toy, we begrudgingly conceded. And thus the USB temperature and humidity monitor was ordered. We can plug this up to any computer and transmit temperatures in realtime over the internet. Say whaaaat? Instant monitoring. From work. From home. From the toilet.

(Don’t act like you’ve never brought a laptop into the bathroom.)

8 thoughts on “New levels of dorkiness

  1. I don’t want to know what you do with your laptop in the bathroom (you know you’ll go blind if you keep doing that).

  2. For all those ney-sayers who don’t think laptops belong in the bathroom, they invented a couple nifty inventions called the PDA and the Smartphone, as well!

    There’s no limit to how much you should be checking your fermentation chamber temperature…in church, camping…so many possibilities. And don’t forget that LG just put out a projector phone…I say you project the temperature onto your bedroom ceiling so you can keep track during those “good times” for the most constant monitoring.

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