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New t-shirts arriving soon!


We sold out of all of our t-shirts (unless you are an XL). Fortunately, we ordered more. The same, high quality American Apparel t-shirts, printed front and back, for only $10 a pop. In just a couple weeks you’ll be able to pick up something that looks a little bit like this:

We also ordered two surprise new t-shirt colors. We’ll post pictures once they arrive. COLLECT ALL THREE! Currently t-shirts can only be purchased on Monday nights at Jeff’s house. If there’s ever enough demand we’ll offer them online as well.

8 thoughts on “New t-shirts arriving soon!

  1. Lemme guess – new colors are black-on-white and white-on-black? There’s no way you guys would stray from the monochromatic theme ya got going… Never. Better not.

    As for selling them online – do it! It’s the perfect grassroots marketing outside of Atlanta. Extra cash to brew that first batch. Easy to set up and process. Why not?

  2. Robert… All I can say is, you’re wrong.

    And the set up/processing isn’t what we’re worried about. No one wants to be in charge of shipping. =)

  3. These look awesome. When I come on a Monday I’ll have to get one to rep youguys up in Pittsburgh for law school :)

  4. Thanks Jonathan. The shirts look great, it is really too bad they are not available over the online, Id gladly sport them in Chicagoland.

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