Christmas in Space

Christmas in Space: 12/16 at the Garage

12.11.2019 | 0 Comments

Grab your tickets now!On December 16 (that’s Monday – you know we don’t celebrate the holidays only on weekends), Christmas in Space is coming to the Garage! Attendees of last year’s soiree know that it’s imperative to glitz up in your most holiday-metallic, intergalactic, Griswolds-meet-the-Jetsons, rocket ship Santa-inspired outfits to attend this interstellar, brew-fueled bash that includes:  Live

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Como Te Llamas Graphic

Como Te Llamas Bottle Release: 12/14

12.10.2019 | 0 Comments

Just a heads up. You may want to make it out to the Garage this weekend, as we’re releasing this year’s batch of Como Te Llamas. We aged this 12.5% ABV imperial milk stout in tequila barrels. Then we added cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to bring the flavors of a classic horchata. Unlike last year, Bottles will only be

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Situational Ethics 2019

Situational Ethics Day: 12/7/19

12.05.2019 | 0 Comments

Situational Ethics Day is almost upon us! It’s a time to celebrate this award-winning series of big and bold imperial stouts. Each year, brewmaster Peter Kiley and the team create our base Situational Ethics – then create three different versions, using three different barrels and three different sets of ingredients. This year’s versions are: On

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Over Under Music Fest

Over/Under Music Fest: Beer and Set List

11.20.2019 | 0 Comments

The first ever Over/Under music fest is happening Nov. 23 at Monday Night Garage. Check out the set-and the beer-lists.

Blind Pirate: Revamped

06.06.2019 | 0 Comments

If you haven’t had Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPA in a while, you’ll notice a change.

Brevis and Bretthead: Q&A

04.11.2019 | 0 Comments

Brevis & Bretthead is a lot of fun to drink. It’s a symphony on your tongue of sour, bitter, sweet, and dank that somehow hits all the right notes. It’s like a peach and grapefruit cocktail more than it is a beer!

WTF Is An Opera Cake? (And Why You Should Care)

03.06.2019 | 0 Comments

You may have heard of (or even tasted!) an Opera Cake. A lot of us haven’t, so when brewmaster Peter Kiley said he was working on an imperial milk stout (AKA a pastry stout) reminiscent of an Opera Cake, most of us here at Monday Night were like… WTF is an Opera Cake? Come to

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Monday Night Brewing Expands in Tennessee

02.25.2019 | 0 Comments

Craft beer fans in Memphis can expect to see Monday Night Brewing’s award-winning core and seasonal lineup on taps in restaurants and bars across the area. Our cans and bottles will also be available in the finest stores as well.

Tim McDonnell Joins Monday Night Brewing Team

02.07.2019 | 0 Comments

We’re Growing our Barrel-Aging and Souring Program at the Garage Experienced brewer Tim McDonnell is the newest member of our team. He’s joining the barrel program manager at the Garage in Southwest Atlanta. “When we opened up the Garage in September 2017, we wanted it to be the home of our barrel-aged and sour program,”

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Slam Dunk: The Milkshake IPA that Isn’t a Milkshake IPA

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Prom 2019: Down the Rabbit Hole (Plus, find out which Alice in Wonderland character you are.)

01.31.2019 | 0 Comments

UPDATE: This event is over. Keep up to date on the latest Monday Night Brewing events, releases and general shenanigans by subscribing to our newsletter. For our fifth annual Prom, we’ll be opening all three bars at the Garage as we transform to a surreal landscape of swirls and spirals, tea cups and kettles, playing cards and roses

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Big Head, Tiny Arms Release at the Fernbank

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MNB Dodgeball Face-Off: Meet the Ref

09.27.2018 | 0 Comments

UPDATE: This event is over. Keep up to date on the latest Monday Night Brewing events, releases and general shenanigans by subscribing to our newsletter.

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