4 thoughts on “No brewing because the garage is too clean

  1. Now, wait one darn minute… There’s steam coming off the brew kettle. Did you guys – I mean, I’m not *accusing* or anything here, not feeling the *slightest* bit left out – BREW something on a SATURDAY…???

    Say it ain’t so, guys. Say it ain’t so… Tell us you were cleaning the Brew Magic or something. Anything. Just not that MNB was brewing on the wrong day… *sob*

  2. Have no fear Robert. We didn’t brew on a Saturday (that would be sacrilegious!).

    The fact that you noticed the steam coming off tells me you must’ve been really good at those Where’s Waldo books as a kid. We actually were doing a deep clean on the brew magic and all of our system parts so the most action it saw on saturday was some cleanser and boiling water (although when all was said and done she was lookin’ as good as new).

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