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Not ideal



Oh Sam Adams, always trying to get us to drink glass shards… From a CNN article today:

Shares of Boston Beer Co., which brews Samuel Adams beer, slid Monday after the brewer voluntarily recalled select 12 ounce glass bottles of its beer, saying the brew could contain small bits of glass.

Earlier Monday afternoon, the company said routine quality control inspections at its Cincinnati brewery found defects in some of the beer bottles, which were made by a glass bottle supplier.

The defects could cause small bits of glass to break off and possibly fall into the bottle, the company said.

The affected bottles come from one of the five glass plants that supply the company. The plant supplies about 25% of Boston Beer’s bottles, the company said.

If “N35OI” is embossed on any of your Sam Adams bottles, don’t drink ’em. And get your refund.

2 thoughts on “Not ideal

  1. Sweetwater had the same problem with a batch of bottles one time but were able to catch the problem before the beer shipped out of the brewery. The bottle openings were thin in places on a handful of bottles which caused the capping machine to damage them. The affected cases were replaced by the bottle manufacturer and problems like this were avoided.

    I’m really surprised that an operation like Sam Adams doesn’t have better quality control processes. Unfortunately, the recall decision was likely based on the cost of recalling the beer and taking a temporary share value hit being less than the cost of potential lawsuits from people choking to death on broken glass or having the ever-so-fun intestinal fissures, especially in a society where many juries “stick it” to those dirty insurance companies for something that was an honest mistake. Boston Beer made the right decision.

  2. And this should be sage advice that you should always pour your beer into a glass, like those sexy glasses the MNB gang offers! If nothing else but so that you can actually “smell” the beer you are drinking so that you can actually “taste” it.

    If it smells like horse piss, it probably is!

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