The (not so) Holy Grail Ale


Last night I supped at TWO: Urban Licks for the first time. Great restaurant and some fabulous food (though I think I may prefer ONE overall). As TWO is known for their kegs of wine (upon first entering I hoped they would be beer kegs) I opted to take a break from beer and order a wine portion to share with Mary Stuart. We happened to have the waiter who wanted to ID both of us and when Mary Stuart didn’t have her ID, she was denied service. I decided I’d just go for beer instead.

The beer list had most of the domestic and international standards but the one that stuck out to me was Monty Python’s Holy Grail Pale Ale from Black Sheep Brewery in England. It’s a great movie and I expected the same from the beer. Unfortunately the Pale Ale tended to taste a lot more like a lager albeit a not too impressive one. It had some decent body to it but not really any complexity and a lack of interesting hops from what I could tell. Mary Stuart took a sip and said it “tastes like a slightly stronger version of the beers my dad drinks” (Coors and Bud) which was actually a pretty accurate characterization of what I was thinking. Overall they’ve got great marketing (hey, they got me to pick it from a list of 20 beers), a great bottle (pint sized with a unique shape) but unfortunately a lackluster beer. In the end I guess it’s not “all about the brand” Jonathan, it’s “all about the beer” (and having sweet business cards).

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