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Now Hiring Brewer / Hop Scholar

Quick Summary

We are seeking an experienced production brewer with demonstrated leadership capabilities as well as a passion for hop-focused recipe innovation out of our clean beer facility.

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What We’re Looking For

As we’ve grown and continued to see our industry evolve we’re seeking a competent brewer but also one who is willing to drive further innovation with our beer portfolio.  This brewer will not be responsible for all recipe development but will have a focus towards our hop-forward recipe development alongside our team of brewers. Our hope is that this person will have a passion for hops that manifests itself through continued research, partnerships with our hop suppliers, experimentation with new hop products and extensive experimentation with hop utilization methodologies. Our approach to beer innovation centers around making the best beer and our brand is not bound by stylistic constraints.


  • 3+ years of experience on production brew house
  • Demonstrated ability to generate innovative and quality clean beer recipes
  • Demonstrated expertise in hops and hop forward beers
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Excellent sensory analysis skills
  • Full understanding of all brewing equipment and utilities
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Fully competent in the cellar


  • Brewing 4+ new beers on small batch pilot system monthly, with special focus on hop forward recipes
  • Developing and monitoring written brewing SOP’s; accountable for SOP execution by entire brewing team
  • Monitoring all hot-side batches produced to control batch quality and consistency
  • Monitoring, executing and reporting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Monitoring, handling and record keeping for raw materials
  • Overseeing the brewing process daily
  • Ensuring batch to batch consistency
  • Keeping detailed records of brewed batches to continually improve product quality and processes in our production management systems (EKOS & Mango)
  • Conducting basic quality procedures such as pH-measurement, gravity measurements temperature measurements and associated record keeping
  • Conducting simple maintenance duties
  • Maintaining high safety & hygiene standards
  • Taking on other duties as told by supervisor or colleague

About Us

Monday Night Brewing is an Atlanta-based brewery that began contract brewing in 2010 and full brewing operations out of our facility in West Midtown in 2012. Since then we’ve grown to almost 20,000 annual barrels of production. In the fall of 2017 we opened the Garage – our barrel-aging and sour beer facility which has already won awards for the beer and created a must-see destination for people in Atlanta. We’ve consistently been one of the top-rated breweries in our city, were recently voted best brewery in Atlanta, and have won the most major awards (Great American Beer Fest and World Beer Cup) of any brewery in Georgia over the last four years. We filter our decisions through our purpose statement: Monday Night Brewing exists to deepen human relationships over some of the best beer in the country.

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