Now Hiring a Private Events Manager

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta, GA) is seeking a Private Events Manager to join our small team and assist in private event sales, administration, and management. This is a full-time position. Apply online here.

Reports to:

  • Tasting Room Director


  • Must be a team player
  • Must be highly energetic and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Must have strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Must have strong management and leadership skills
  • Must have a high sense of urgency
  • Must have strong organizational skills

High-Level Goals

  • Create welcoming, fun, safe environment for all patrons
  • Manage private events at both Monday Night Brewing facilities
  • Develop and execute community programming at both tasting rooms, with particular focus on The Garage
  • Host and entertain retail and distributor accounts at all tasting rooms
  • Be the face of Monday Night Brewing in neighborhoods and community around The Garage
  • Assist in private event sales and administration
  • Ensure all local, state, and federal laws are followed in public tasting rooms at all times


  1. Handle administrative tasks for Private Events, including but not limited to writing contracts, following up with clients on outstanding and overdue balances, scheduling site visits, ordering custom pint glasses, etc.
  2. Manage public and private tasting room shifts as needed, likely in the evenings and on weekends
  3. Make as-needed presentations to management on unique event programming and ideas to bring more patrons in and keep them here longer
  4. Work with Tasting Room Director to manage budget and P&L for unique programming and non-profit events
  5. Coordinate and communicate all logistics of programming with Tasting Room Director and Tasting Room Manager
  6. Coordinate with Sales Team to host, entertain, and tour retail and distributor partners in tasting rooms
  7. Administrate inbound leads for large groups during public tours
  8. Report any potential maintenance issues to Tasting Room Director, including cleaning, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, furniture, d├ęcor, and equipment issues
  9. Assist Tasting Room Director in miscellaneous tasks as needed

Marketing and Outreach

  1. Attend neighborhood meetings, festivals, and gatherings
  2. Actively work to engage with neighborhoods and provide programming that not only brings in revenue but creates community
  3. Develop, execute, and track unique event programming opportunities during off- or non-peak hours in public tasting room that bring in revenue, engage the community, and/or build the brand
  4. Coordinate non-profit events in tasting rooms

Direct Reports

  • Beertenders (only when on duty)

Success Metrics

  • Attendance and revenue generated from special programming
  • Drive private event sales and corresponding revenue
  • Positive reviews on Google and Yelp
  • Positive growth in annual Brand Equity Survey

Apply online here or see application below.

2 thoughts on “Now Hiring a Private Events Manager

  1. How much we talking about? I have a Phd from Taco Mac, have great facial hair, and all the other skills. IM Me on FB.

  2. This seems awesome. I work at Beverage Superstore in Suwanee and am an avid craft drinker/homebrewer. I dont have a mustache, but i got chops that would make The King proud… Would jump on this opportunity. Definitely let me know!

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