Ommegang, Ommigosh


A good friend Simon turned me on to a good friend/beer Ommegang. It is… how you say in the mother country… delicious. According to the label it is from Belgium, but imported and distributed by Brewery Ommegang out of Cooperstown, NY. True to its Belgian roots (and everyone knows I’m the resident expert on Belgium), it’s a dark, hearty beer that looked just delightful in the glass.

Ommegang had a deep brown/amber color. And it tasted like drinking the darkest alcoholic chocolate in the world. It was amazing. True, I’m easy to please when it comes to stouts and stout-like substances, but this one was right up there with Samuel Smith Imperial Stout (another fave). To give you an idea of the unbridled enjoyment, take a gander at Simon going to town on that sweet sweet Ommegang. It’s almost thick enough to crunch. And I know for a FACT that you can find it at the Toco Hills Package Store.

4 thoughts on “Ommegang, Ommigosh

  1. I realize I’m nearly 5 years late with this comment, and you may have discovered this by now, but Brewery Ommegang is actually a craft brewery located just outside of the village that is Cooperstown, NY. They brew Belgian-style ales. https://www.ommegang.com. This is not an imported product.

  2. Well, I spoke too soon. I hadn’t read as far as the following post before submitting my comment. Thanks for sharing your stories!

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