Ordering t-shirts is stressful


Okay folks. Stop growing and/or shrinking.

The first time we ordered t-shirts, we ran out of smalls and had a mountain of XLs.

Which meant that the second time we ordered t-shirts, we stocked up on smalls and didn’t order as many XLs.

But now we have a somewhat smallish mountain of smalls and are out of XLs. What gives? I have a few theories.

  • Teensy tiny girls are always the first to buy fashion items, even if the “fashion item” is a “beer t-shirt”
  • People realized that the XLs make for a comfy, cost-effective slanket once you sew on some sleeves
  • Squirrel infestation

Hopefully we’ll get the sizes right on our next order of shirts. Note: S, M, and L shirts are still available for a measly $10 each!

3 thoughts on “Ordering t-shirts is stressful

  1. Love the t-shirt, except the double sided with MNB on the reverse. Ever consider leaving off that ‘essential’ part and let the front be the brand? Less is more. Iconic.

  2. I will order one for your Uncle Mark (Jonathan) if you will order the biggest size that they have….double xx or double xx tall or something like that. He would wear it all the time!

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