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Ormsby’s opening up on Atlanta’s Westside


Yet another boon for beer on Atlanta’s Westside. Ormsby’s is opening its doors today. According to their website:

Ormsby’s, a classic neighborhood tavern found in Atlanta’s west-side. A warm, welcoming and comfortable gathering spot with a full bar that features an extensive craft beer selection and classic cocktails along side a fresh pub menu. At Ormsby’s you will be able to enjoy a wide range of traditional games including: Backgammon, Bocce, Darts, Pool, and Shuffleboard. So please come on down; join us for a drink and game or two (or three).

Their beer list looks good, and their food menu looks to be well in line with the gastropub fare cropping up at places such as The Porter, Leon’s Full Service and Book House Pub.


According to Sara, the highly reputable SweetWater intern, Ormsby’s is headed by a former SweetWater “Beer Pimp,” Michael Goot. Color me excited. If anyone has a chance to get down there before we do, please post your thoughts in the comments section. I like to salivate on my keyboard whenever possible.

6 thoughts on “Ormsby’s opening up on Atlanta’s Westside

  1. I have been. It is a cool place. I was wearing a GT hoodie and felt underdressed. Most guys there were in slacks and collared shirts. It is a nice place. Good beer selection, decor is nice, games are awesome, just remember to not look like a slob. I’d go back.

  2. Joel and I went last night. Pretty good burger, a solid beer selection. And some shuffleboard domination. Joel ate is BLT (with eggs) in one bite. Love the game setup downstairs. I will definitely go back. The west side seems to be lacking a little bit on bars with deep beer menus, so I’m glad to have them around.

    I didn’t get the same “don’t look like a slob” vibe. There seemed to be a bunch of cats in t-shirts. Well… not cats. They were people.

    We also met one of the owners, Michael. Really cool dude.

  3. You definitely do not need to dress up at this bar. Beer prices are a little high, but that’s it, all else is great. Do other bars include tax in the beer pricing?

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