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Our hops are alive and kicking


Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t completely kill our hops last year. They’ve peeked their bitter little heads above the surface of their new home along Jeff’s driveway. And Jeff, the nurturer that he is, has been diligent in providing the little buggers with plenty of water. He’d give them extra sunlight if he could. What you see below is the first of our Cascade crop this year. We also have some Chinook and Willamette planted, which hopefully will be joining the party soon.

Brewing Monday 3/24/08

4 thoughts on “Our hops are alive and kicking

  1. I’m sooooo going to copy you guys and grow some hops… That is after I rake my leaves from last fall… I think the wife will be ticked when she finds out it took hop growing for me to do some yard work… None the less, I shall copy you and claim to be original on my blog…


  2. I don’t think we’re the first people to grow our own hops. But we’re kind of flattered. Also creeped out.


  3. I guess you’re a little further into spring down there. That only means one thing to me. Mine should be coming up in a few weeks. Time to get to transplanting.

  4. The hops Pole goes up this weekend in Portland for year 3 of the little vines that could. I will be cultivating 16 vines this year off of 4 rizones, (2) Hoody and (2) Willy. Good luck this year Jonathan

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