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Our next beer will be called…


Fu Manbrew! Congratulations to Philip M for submitting the winning name! Fu Manbrew won with 42% of the total vote. Handlebar was a close second with 37% of the vote. And apparently only a minority of you guys wanted to order a Walrus at the bar. Thanks to everyone who voted, contributed, and shared. This was a lot of fun. But it’s not quite over! One of the challenges of the Fu Man Brew name is making the graphic look good on our labels. We’ve got three potential options, and we’d love it if you voted on your favorite. Vote in the poll below.

[poll id=”11″]

Now begins the process of ordering tap handles, getting label approval, and trademarking names. It’s a fun process (not really). We’re hoping to get everything buttoned up, including one final test batch, in the next 2 months, so we’ll see how quickly we can launch this new mustachio’d beer!

Thanks to Philip M. for all of his creativity, and thanks to Scoutmob for indulging us in this new experiment in crowdsourcing our beer name. I’m pretty sure we shattered Scoutmob’s record for Facebook comments.

5 thoughts on “Our next beer will be called…

  1. If I were you (obviously, I am not you, but hypothetically, IF i was) I would not trust this to a popular vote. You need to print out all three in full color exactly the size they will be on the production bottles, glue them onto three test bottles, set them inside a cold box at your local beer store that loves you and will let you play such games on their premises, and then stand back about 5 feet. Gaze at them for a few seconds and decide which one actually pops and consumers will be able to figure out.

    C is winning as I type this, but I think it looks like he’s got some kind of mouth brace supported by something on his neck. A is in last place but is most easily recognized as a moustache. I think the voters may hose you on this one.

  2. Thanks Danner, good thoughts. We will definitely do the “in the market” test as well, but we’re designing in the immediate term for tap handles, which is much harder to pull off as a test.

  3. I went with C because it looks like a fu manchu the other two are too thick. A. Looks like Hulk Hogan. I call dibs on that as the name if you ever do a high ABV blond ale.

  4. Went with C. I like the look of B but I looks too much like a pair of tusks. If the moustache curved a little with the head tilt it might make it look more like a stache. Of course I’m also the only one who wanted more tie on the car so what do I know.

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