Our tap handles are almost ready!


We recently received samples of our tap handles in the mail for us to approve before going into production from Taphandles Inc. Below are a few shots. Overall these things look great. We need to adjust the colors a little bit, but other than that they are pretty darn close. Hopefully you’ll be able to see them at your local bar soon!


4 thoughts on “Our tap handles are almost ready!

  1. Nice! I like that they have some depth and aren’t just carved out of a flat slab of material. I look forward to spotting one in the wild.

  2. Brilliant handles, boys! I stumbled across your blog and have been enthralled ever since. I unfortunately doubt I’ll see these beautiful tap handles at my local bar anytime soon (being from one of the most regulated provinces in Canada), but maybe I’ll find my way down to Atlanta.

    Or maybe, once you have all the basics (i.e. the beer) down and you start to think about other stuff (i.e. swag), I might even be able to purchase on of my own (wink wink nudge nudge).

  3. Those are awesome! Love the idea. Very unique! Y’all will definitely stand out amongst the taps. :)

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