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Payback is a Joel



The following is only loosely related to Monday Night. The following is a personal vendetta against Joel, my business partner.

Dear Joel,

I miss one week of brewing, and I get blasted on our blog? Joel, you overstep your bounds. And unfortunately for you, when we were kegging beer earlier this week, I had my iPhone handy. Yes, I DID manage to get a picture of those shoes you were so proud of. You remember the ones? The blue ones that looked like a Smurf had thrown up on them. Now it’s coming back, I’m sure. You decided they would pair well with dress slacks, a nice button up, and an eye-melting plaid sports coat. It was very Rodney Dangerfield, so congrats, you nailed it.

Joel, just because you’re good at building things and expediting processes doesn’t mean that you should be allowed to dress yourself. Let this be a lesson to you.

Sincerely, your business partner,


Okay, rant over. We will now continue with our regularly scheduled blog posts. And brewing. Join us on Monday at 8pm. I’ll be out of town again, so I’m curious to see what crazy slander Joel can come up with to post on Tuesday.

One thought on “Payback is a Joel

  1. I’ve seen those shoes, and while I’m no fashion plate I know that smurf-blue shoes have no place on a man outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Or within Chapel Hill, for that matter.

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