Piggly Wiggly taking craft beer seriously



A Piggly Wiggly in Myrtle Beach, SC has become the first grocery store in the Southeast to sell 64 oz growlers of beer. A PIGGLY WIGGLY. When Piggly Wiggly jumps on board, you know craft beer is no joke. You also might start looking out for other signs of the apocalypse. And this particular Piggly Wiggly isn’t selling Keystone Light on tap. They are selling the good stuff:

  • Founders Breakfast Stout
  • Bells Best Brown Ale
  • Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial IPA
  • Hercules Double IPA

Prices range from $11-20, much cheaper than the same beers if bought in bottles. Michael Byrd, assistant store director at aforementioned Piggly Wiggly (PIGGLY WIGGLY?!), is getting plenty of praise. Jeff LeVine of Carolina Craft Distributing in Rock Hill, says this:

“It’s the first grocery store in the Southeast – that’s seven states – to run with the beer growler station. He’s blowing our minds, and we’re proud to have him as a customer. We’ve begged customers to do it.”

Read the full story from the Charlotte Observer. I can’t believe it. A PIGGLY WIGGLY.

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  1. They also sell Pig Swig Pilsner and Ale now made by Thomas Creak brewery in Greenville, SC and label for the Pig. The Pilsner is the best I’ve tasted in my 50 years and I’ve tasted many all over the globe.

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