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Putting the “I” in “IPA”

Yesterday Jeff and his enormous ego made it clear to the entire blogosphere that it was perfectly okay to post large pictures of yourself in a blog post. I have never before stooped to this level (not true), but I thought it fitting to display my mustachio’d self. Because not only was I able to make it to Jeff’s house, but I was actually doing work!

It’s true. Despite the ulcers I was able to make it to part of brewing last night. I have no doubt that I was still more help than the ne’er-do-well Joel. We brewed our famous Swashchuckler IPA.

We had a good turnout last night, though there weren’t as many mustaches as I would have liked. *hint* As a side note, do you know the great thing about a bushy blonde mustache? You can dress it up or dress it down! It’s fitting for any occasion, whether a Monday evening brew session or a black-tie dinner!

5 thoughts on “Putting the “I” in “IPA”

  1. really enjoyed it guys, look forward to the next one. i’ll have to bring my mustache, or borrow one, something…

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