Q&A with Jeff of MNB


Jeff has played a central role in the development of Monday Night Brewery. His carefully crafted recipes and business savvy have vaulted MNB to the center of the microbrewery development blogosphere with alarming speed and success. I caught up with Jeff at his midtown Atlanta office.

Me: Jeff, will there be brewing tonight?
Jeff: Yes, there will.

Me: What will you be making?
Jeff: We’ll be making a batch of Swashchuckler IPA, one of MNB’s most popular beers.

Me: Do you have any beers on draft that I could consume were I to show up this evening?
Jeff: You know, we do. We’ve got our latest batch of Drafty Kilt, which I’m really pleased with. It’s dialed back a bit, and drinks like a smokey, delicious porter. We’ve also got a bit more IPA and our second batch of our Belgian Dubbel, which though not as good as our first, is still decent.

Me: Jeff, thanks so much for taking the time.
Jeff: No problem, I enjoyed it. Hope to see you out tonight.

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