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Reflections after our first beer festival season


We survived our first beer festival season as “brewers” instead of “drinkers.” Though, truth be told, we were also drinkers. It was a fun, busy time with multiple events every week. In some ways, November feels like the calm after the storm. A cold, dark calm, but a calm, nonetheless. This cold, dark weather has got us reflecting some on our first beer festival season:

  • We need a tent. August and October are hot months. And with my receding hair line, sunburned scalp isn’t a good look.
  • The beginning of beer festivals are more fun than the end. At the end, there are usually a few beers that have run out (many times ours), and there’s much more stumbling and yelling. I’m not sure why.
  • “Give me whatever beer is lightest” is the worst phrase in the world. While our Eye Patch Ale is technically the “lightest” beer we brew, it isn’t light compared to what most people consider light. Sure, it’s a pretty easy drinking IPA, but it’s no Coors Light. And we’ll never make a Coors Light.
  • Joel shows up late for things. We already knew this. But now we know it even more so.
  • We love beer festivals. It’s really fun interacting with folks, talking about our beers, and being outside. Oh, and drinking beer.
Here’s to another great season next year!

One thought on “Reflections after our first beer festival season

  1. We loved having your beer at our festival, Rome Beer Fest, this past September- people are still raving over it! I hope y’all can make it next year along with your beer!

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