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Reflections from the other side: 4 Mondays in

We’ve been selling beer for 4 full Mondays. And after almost 5 years of careful planning, it’s been a crazy 4 Mondays. We haven’t yet had a chance to catch our breath, but I’m going to take a few minutes to outline some initial reflections in bullet-point format. Why bullet-point? So that it goes down easy, just like a Monday Night. BOOM.

  • You guys drink too much. We are selling way more beer than we thought we would. That’s not to say we’re selling a TON of beer, but perhaps our initial projections were a little modest. Jeff’s hours spent slaving away in Excel are basically all for nothing.
  • Beer is fun. Craft beer is a fun industry. The people are great. And if they’re not great, they’re at least interesting. So while we spend a lot of time on things like accounting, logistics, and talking to your mom, at the end of the day, we make and sell beer. You really can’t argue with that.
  • Relationships are key. This is pretty basic, but even more apparent to us after a few weeks of sales. Without the strong relationships the three of us have formed, and the great relationships we have with our distributors and are forming with our retailers, none of this would be possible. The beer has to be great, but it can’t get to your pint glass without many, many people communicating along the way.
I’m sure we’ll have many more reflections to come, but we wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive of us. We’re excited to take the next step!

7 thoughts on “Reflections from the other side: 4 Mondays in

  1. Most importantly – you all are wondering WHERE you can get pants amazing as those. Just admit you are jealous.

  2. Joel, it’s the belt. Good Lord. It’s like Kelly Ripa’s hairband got ripped off her head from the Queer Eye guy, who then ran it through a sieve to extract a mid-70s Tom Watson-style golf belt. Truly awful.

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